4th Avenue's Legendary Pink


4th ave Legendary Pink


Legendary Pink is our secretly blended house coffee. No matter what time of day it is, or how you like your coffee brewed, Legendary Pink always provides the perfect cup.

On the nose he smells like a bouquet of peach blossoms and freshly cut grass accented by subtle suggestions of jasmine and bergamot. On the first sip he bucks to life with a well-bodied mouthful of limes and apricots adorned with delicate hints of cloves. It leaves your head spinning in a whirlwind of toffee and tobacco. And, before you realise it, he’s galloping out into the prairie leaving you lingering with a finish of dark Swiss chocolate and Mediterranean figs. It’s appropriate. Memorable. Perfect.


100% Arabica?  Of course. And, only AAA quality Arabica for that matter. At 4th Avenue we simply refuse to compromise the quality of our blend by adding any Robusta or low-grade coffees. And, that will never change. We are driven by passion, not profit.


4th Avenue's pink Diedrich roaster and fantastical roasters, Prince and Mayibongwe, combine to perform an act that Houdini would be proud of. They drop the green beans in the top. They look through the heavenly peephole. And voilà! Deliciousness.

We throw in coffees from South America, a few from Africa, and poof: unique deliciousness. Obviously we can’t give away the exact details – it’s a taste exclusive to Legendary Pink. A trade secret. You won’t get anything quite the same anywhere else.