About Us

This is where is all changed. From bean to brew, Bean Box Club is making the way you enjoy coffee a whole lot better.

We recognize the power that online shoppers have. Buying whatever they want, whenever they want. We’ve been to the big, bad mega malls and waited in big, bad mega queue’s. We’ve seen the online oligarchs in action, and we’ve also seen them fail hundreds of people on delivery and service.

We want to change that.

Bean Box Club has a love for coffee and commerce, e-commerce that is. Staying true to what we said earlier. Bean Box Club sources only the best coffee beans from our expert roasters. We’ve partnered with local rosters to bring you the coffee you deserve.

Wether it’s to find your taste through our eclectic selection or never run out of coffee again. Bean Box Club is the one place that won’t let you down.

Your moment of truth with us is one that not only delivers your coffee, but also delivers what you paid for.