Green Bean African Coffee Roastery


Green Bean African Coffee Roastery makes every effort to source the best Specialty Arabica Beans in Africa and in the rest of the world. Green Bean Coffee is now proudly roasting Rainforest Alliance Certified ™ single origin coffees.

Specialty Arabica coffee is…

  • The most flavourful, smooth and deliciously fresh and fruity coffee there is
  • Has no harsh and bitter aftertastes
  • Grown in higher altitudes, 1200 m above sea level
  • Grown in temperate climates (between 15 and 25 C) – this coffee cannot stand extreme frost and heat
  • Grown in fertile volcanic-like soils, where additives are unnecessary – so most of this coffee is naturally ORGANIC
  • Grown under large shade trees, which further reduce the amount of heat the coffee is subjected to.
  • All the above factors facilitate the slow, enriched growth of the coffee tree such that its fruits bear the very best bean flavours.
  • Plus the beans are hand-picked, often in multiple cycles, to ensure that only the ripest beans are selected at any given time.
  • Naturally lower in caffeine than harsher Robusta offerings – caffeine is a plant’s natural defence mechanism against bugs and disease, so it stands to reason that in cooler, temperate areas where there are fewer pests, the plants would need less caffeine to fight them off.