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Primo Box of Angel's Brew l Heavenly Coffees

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Angels Brew is Heavenly Coffees' signature blend crafted from carefully roasted washed Colombian and natural process Brazilian and Ethiopian beans.

The natural process beans add a pleasant sweetness to the blend that combined with the fruity acidity of the Ethiopian beans and the dark chocolate undertones of the Colombian beans creates an amazing coffee that makes unbelievable espresso-based coffees.

This blend is our best seller and makes fans out of almost everyone that tastes it.

The 250g Primo Box is our most popular box that just got a whole lot better. The box will introduce you to some of South Africa's best coffee. Great for new and old coffee drinkers alike. The 250g Primo Box also comes with the 3 eco-friendly reusable pods from the awesome Coffee Pod Guru. 

  • Couriered To Your Doorstep For Free
  • 1 x 250g Bag
  • Less Than R4.50 Cost per Cup
  • 1-Month Plan
  • Grind: Fine Only
  • 500ml bottle of still water
  • Nespresso and Cafféluxe compatible capsules available
  • Delivered 7-10 days of roast* 

 (*Pending Payment)

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