Bean Box Club

1KG Bean Box Club Starter Pack

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The 1KG Bean Box Club Starter Pack option is perfect for anyone looking to explore what coffee we offer in one simple plan. This curated box is filled with our bestsellers and is ideal for coffee lovers and the coffee curious. Below are some of the highlights; 
  • Couriered To Your Doorstep For Free
  • 4 x 250g Bags
  • Assorted Selection of Coffee from our expert roasters.
  • 1 x Fresh Bean Blend 
  • 1 x Dark Roast
  • 1 x Medium Roast
  • 1 x Single Origin
  • Less Than R4.50 Cost per Cup
  • 1-Month Plan
  • Grind: Whole, Coarse, or Fine
  • Arrives 7-10 days off-roast*

 *Pending Payment